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The personalized SEO solutions from iPro Global Services are tailored to the needs and
requirements of our clients. Our Search Engine Optimization process includes both Off Page as well as On Page Optimization methods and these are chosen based on a detailed analysis of our clients’ target business and their competitors in this segment of the market.

Article Marketing

The article marketing and submission process employed at iPro Global Services enables effective content promotion to article directories that distribute and publish them online. Our team of in-house expert article writers create real estate specific articles that also contain a resource box (a combination of a bio box and byline) that include the contact information and other references regarding our clients’ business. This attracts new leads for our clients through well-written and original content, which further their business credibility in the industry. Additionally, these articles are also syndicated by other websites for free distribution.



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“Anyone who spends 3 minutes listening to Atchut talk would be able to understand he know’s what he’s doing.”

- Jane Allen

“I was just reading through the blog and I wanted to comment that you are doing a great job! I am very impressed on all the graphics and stats you used… especially your writing for SEO. Brilliant, you’re the best Atchut!”

- Steve Douglas

“My life has changed since Atchut came into it. I highly recommend him for any real estate related tasks. His knowledge is invaluable and especially his online marketing is topnotch. Using Atchut has been especially worthwhile, since I have received many quality leads since he has been marketing my listings online and closed deals because of it. I’m excited to continue working with Atchut as my Real Estate business grows.”

- John Lee

“Atchut is a superbly experienced and qualified virtual assistant, with a detailed knowledge of the real estate industry and support systems, that provides me a level of support that is almost impossible to find. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing help managing the administrative tasks of their business.”

- Chris Lee

“You’re the best!! I was going to verify the work and you already did it. So nice! Thanks!!”

- Hazel Jackson

“You follow up in such a great manner. I am so happy with everything you have been doing…”

- Peter Scott

“You were right on time, as always. Wish I could clone you!”

- John Smith

“I compliment your work! You did a good job on this (eNewsletter) and I thank you for it.”

- J. Poltrock

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