REVA (Real Estate Virtual Assistant) Services

Our real estate virtual assistants are licensed and have the required experience and skill sets that enable them to grow and expand our client-centric enterprise. Our in-depth knowledge of all the real estate procedures and terms combined with the right personality and attitude helps our clients succeed. Our unique REVA services include Virtual Assistant, Lead Generation, Back End Support, Research, and Social Media Marketing services.


These include tasks related to management of leads, processing short sales, listing, REO management, marketing, closing, etc. The REVA services offered by iPro Global Services are unqiue. Our real estate office assistants carry out a number of tasks that include:

Lead Management

• Adding new leads to the database
• Maintaining and managing the database of contacts

Lead Generation

Our talented and efficient real estate virtual assistants run a number of email and post car campaigns as a part of the Database Management process for lead generation. The Sale of Real Estate Leads that includes handling Probate, Customized Judgment, Pre Notice of Default (NoD), etc. are the other services offered under lead generation. The other services offered are taking care of specialized areas like Lis Pendens, Auctions, and Bankruptcy for 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, and 120-day periods as specified by our clients.

Real Estate Probate Leads:

At iPro Global Services, we offer affordable probate lead programs, so clients can buy exactly what they want. For people who are on the lookout for real estate probate leads and motivated sellers, you will be satisfied using the services of our company that provides leads to scores of real estate investors throughout the country, almost in every country. As a potential source of these leads, we also have exclusive rights to them as well as to historical leads.

Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO):

At iPro Global Services, we offer another method of market value analysis through Broker Price Opinions or BPOs. We service our clients that include management companies, financial institutions such as banks, realtors, and lenders who order a BPO report on a property to base their decision regarding sellers seeking short sale approval or loan modification. Our BPO processes cost much lesser than performing a full property appraisal and we also perform other types of BPO per client requests as our team has the required knowledge of the trends in property values and understand the factors that affects these trends in local real estate markets.

Internet Marketing

• Creating and maintaining email campaigns as a part of ‘For Sale for Owner’
• Mail marketing along with developing Cash Buyers and Seller lists.

Listing Co-ordination

• Pulling expired listings
• Photo and listing input into the MLS

Search Engine Optimization

• Social Media Marketing (SMM)
At iPro Global Service, we create and formulate a social media marketing plan that targets the real estate industry and provide our clients an accurate assessment of their social media efforts. Our team carries out the social media analysis of the competitors and we use a number of platforms like Facebook and Twitter to implement an effective social media marketing strategy.

• Blogging and posting in Forums
Our custom blog creation services are extremely effective for online advertising and website promotion. Our developers create blogs that have a professional look and feel and also embed videos and images that suit the overall theme of the clients’ website. The content of these blog posts helps businesses promote their brand and maintain their company’s image.

iPro Global Services looks at forums as a rich source of generating high quality backlinks to a blog or a website. Our forum posting services are an integral part of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Forums are platforms where millions of users across the globe express their opinion, give suggestions or dispense advice through discussion boards. We help our clients reach millions of online communities to generate leads from different forums.

Other services offered include:

• Social Networking
• Website Creation, Hosting and Maintenance

Back End Support Services

• Data Extraction from Public Records and Online resources
Our experienced researches find the required information and data that is needed by clients from public records that contain a gamut of information regarding the validation of their business credentials to giving them a competitive edge in the real estate marketplace. Clients who approach us for assessing their competitors’ reputation, identifying ownership or affiliations, searching for evidence of legal problems or for a number of other data related tasks that pertain to businesses will find our services highly detailed, efficient, and superior because of the advanced research skills of our team of researchers. Our personnel search hundreds of government databases containing public records exist as well as other resources.

• Short Sale Negotiations
• Backend judgment research support services like searching for creditor and debtor
addresses, comparative and investment analysis, finding properties, and cash buyers

Research Services

Our experienced team of judgment researches possesses the required expertise in indentifying judgments based on client specifications and the criteria set by them.

• Extensive research of courthouse documents and public records
• Customized search for judgments like judgments amount greater than 5K, never full
filled, not bankrupt, debtor owning property, etc.


See what others are saying about us:

“Anyone who spends 3 minutes listening to Atchut talk would be able to understand he know’s what he’s doing.”

- Jane Allen

“I was just reading through the blog and I wanted to comment that you are doing a great job! I am very impressed on all the graphics and stats you used… especially your writing for SEO. Brilliant, you’re the best Atchut!”

- Steve Douglas

“My life has changed since Atchut came into it. I highly recommend him for any real estate related tasks. His knowledge is invaluable and especially his online marketing is topnotch. Using Atchut has been especially worthwhile, since I have received many quality leads since he has been marketing my listings online and closed deals because of it. I’m excited to continue working with Atchut as my Real Estate business grows.”

- John Lee

“Atchut is a superbly experienced and qualified virtual assistant, with a detailed knowledge of the real estate industry and support systems, that provides me a level of support that is almost impossible to find. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing help managing the administrative tasks of their business.”

- Chris Lee

“You’re the best!! I was going to verify the work and you already did it. So nice! Thanks!!”

- Hazel Jackson

“You follow up in such a great manner. I am so happy with everything you have been doing…”

- Peter Scott

“You were right on time, as always. Wish I could clone you!”

- John Smith

“I compliment your work! You did a good job on this (eNewsletter) and I thank you for it.”

- J. Poltrock

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