Seo Services

The personalized SEO solutions from iPro Global Services are tailored to the needs and
requirements of our clients. Our Search Engine Optimization process includes both Off Page as well as On Page Optimization methods and these are chosen based on a detailed analysis of our clients’ target business and their competitors in this segment of the market.

Keyword Research

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts and search consultants carry our extensive keyword research for optimized keyword selection. It is a well-known fact that when both relevant and high traffic keywords are incorporated into the content of a webpage, it attracts search engine algorithm based spy bots and web crawlers. We include carefully selected keywords and keyword phrases that hold good for the real estate industry. The industry-specific keywords not only draw but also retain the attention of the visitors to our clients’ website. This enhances the marketing potential by leaps and bounds.

Web Designing Services

Our team of creative and talented web designers design original and customized websites. They also implement a number of basic Search Engine Optimization strategies during the designing process. Faster web loading websites that are easy to update and maintain are the other advantages of signing up for our web designing services.


iPro Global Services looks at forums as a rich source of generating high quality backlinks to a blog or a website. Our forum posting services are an integral part of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Forums are platforms where millions of users across the globe express their opinion, give suggestions or dispense advice through discussion boards. We help our clients reach millions of online communities to generate leads from different forums. Our signature forum posting services include finding the most popular and high ranking forums that are relevant to the real estate business and are a source of direct traffic, customizing these forum posts using different themes and links, and selecting only the top performing and active forums where new posts are constantly created and members participate in the forum discussions.

Press Releases

iPro Global Services writes and submits press releases to some of the top press release distribution sites. This enhances and maximizes the visibility of a website and brings our clients plenty of targeted traffic. The press releases submission process generates high quality backlinks from these trusted and popular press release distribution sites. Our professional press release writers aid the process of brand creation and promotion through their high quality and professional press release copy. We optimized these press releases for maximum visibility on the Search engine Results Pages (SERPs) by incorporating high traffic and relevant keywords in the anchor text of the press release.


Our custom blog creation services are extremely effective for online advertising and website promotion. Our developers create blogs that have a professional look and feel and also embed videos and images that suit the overall theme of the clients’ website. The content of these blog posts helps businesses promote their brand and maintain their company’s image. Our services also enable archiving old information for future reference by web developers and web masters. These custom blogs enable user to feel more connected to client businesses, retain brand loyalty, and can also be optimized for social bookmarking platforms to attract new users and visitors using social bookmarking widgets and other options. Business representatives of the company can interact with users directly through the blog that can also be populated with information regarding their services and other real estate projects in the pipeline.

Directory Submissions

At iPro Global Services, our manual process of content submission to SEO-friendly directories pertaining to the real estate business generate quality one-way links that increase your link popularity and generate targeted traffic. Our team selects relevant categories that closely tie in with the clients’ business, use keywords as anchor text for website listing, and also write detailed site descriptions as and when required. As a part of our professional directory submission services, we also supply guaranteed and published directory links and listings.

Web 2.0

The newest and the latest Web 2.0 that is associated with blogs, wikis, video sharing sites, social networking sites, hosted services, web applications, web applications, etc. is used at iPro Global Services to provide all these services. Our website that are designed by our team of creative and talented in-house web designers enable people interact and collaborate with each other through a social media dialogue in the context of the real estate industry. We harness the incredible potential of Web 2.0 for our clients’ portals to have interoperability and online collaboration through a user-centric design that facilitates information exchange and active user interaction as well as participation.

WordPress Development

Though the content management system WordPress is remarkably flexible and easy to use for maintaining web pages or blog posts, our WordPress developers are experts in the areas of WordPress Templates Design and Development as well as Wordpress Custom Themes Development. At iPro Global Services, our designers also offer Wordpress programming services that are based on ideas that are not only excellent but also original. We can also transform Photoshop designs into a WordPress theme using our coding expertise and we are adept at the usage of a wide and extensive array of WordPress plugins. Our services include facilitating the development and maintenance of WordPress sites along with content checks prior to the final updation process, categorizing articles, and paying close attention to the core details of the WordPress engine through the processes of extending, modifying, and documenting the core content.

Google Maps Localization

Geolocation services enable enhanced visibility of local businesses network routing addressees through this device-specific API. At iPro Global Services, we enhance the online visibility of our clients’ businesses using the Google Maps Localization feature. So, people searching for real estate services in a specific area where our client is located will be able to view their exact physical location through Google Maps, in the user-generated search results. This localization feature comes with powerful mapping capabilities and Google already provides developers an external library of maps for precise location targeting.

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